If you have bought a new boat, or want some input into your driving skills, then having specific instruction on your own boat allows you to brush up on your driving skills and gives you the confidence when using your own boat.

We are insured and recognised by the RYA to deliver own boat tuition, which allows us to tailor a training programme to your specific needs. This could include input into specific techniques such as mooring, anchoring and coming alongside, or a guiding hand while you gain confidence at high speed manoeuvres. Alternatively training can be geared to be delivered at a pace to suit you, and with a group of your own choosing.

It is important to note that your boat has to be equipped to minimum standards to be used for own boat tuition, and that has been set down by the RYA, HM Coastguard (MCA) and our insurance company. We will discuss this with you before we will accept a booking. Alternatively we can be employed to help ensure your boat is equipped to these standards, or to help you go through the coding process.

Costs will change depending on the exact nature of the training required. Usually the minimum age for participation would be 12 years of age. Contact us if you have someone younger than this that wants to take part.

Contact us to discuss this further.